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Which best describes your impression of communications within your company?
Your company needs to keep you fully informed about anything that affects your work and work environment. This should be done effectively and timeously. Employees should always be the first to know.
How do you feel about the information you receive?
Communication within a company should be honest, open and transparent. Without it, trust between leadership and employees will be difficult to attain and it will eventually affect employee engagement and their commitment to the success of the company.
How well do you feel you know the company?
Being informed is not only a question of the quality of an organisation’s communication - it is also the choice of an employee, based on his /her perceptions and attitude. Being committed to a company with your heart and with your head makes you an ideal and engaged employee. What would it take for your company to make you give 100%?
Which information items do you believe is very important that you receive communications about?
Employees want to know where they fit in, if they fit in, what their purpose is in the organisation and how they can grow there. Does your communication provide this for them?
From which of the following sources do you receive most of your information about what is going on in the company?
Different Communication channels work for different organisations. Knowing what your audience wants, needs and knows and then finding the most effective way to reach them, is key when planning your communication.

How would you rate your manager's communication skills?
Leadership communication with employees is the most important part of any organisation’s strategic drive. Without effective, honest and timeous communication by management, communication initiatives by the Comms Team become merely a side-show which cannot provide sustainable results. Leadership needs to know and show what they are talking about.
Do you think your company needs help to improve its communication?
Communication needs to support and drive an organisation’s strategy. If your company doesn’t get the support you need, we might be able to help you.

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